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Transportable Homes for Traditional Home Keepers

Written by Ashton Marriott. Posted in Modular Homes, Prefab Homes, Super Transportable Homes, Transportable Homes

Expansion of resources is not according to the rate of growth of population and that is why there is scarcity of resources and inflation all over the world. Like increase in general price level of everything construction of traditional homes has also become very costly. When we compare the prices of material and labor with previous years then we realize that construction of new traditional home is just like dream in current situation. Every problem opens the new doors of solution and transportable is one of the best solutions for this problem. If you are living in your old house and due to expansion of the family, for children or for parents you need a larger house and have no money for it even then you can accommodate your whole family by constructing the transportable home in your old house. Considering the preferences of the family members you can sketch the model of the transportable home. For this purpose space available in your house in shape of garage, garden or backyard is suitable. If size of the model is according to the available space in the house then make sure that it will be attached to the old building and expenses of energy supply, water system and sewerage will be less. If you construct the granny flat at distance then plumbing cost will be more and similarly handsome amount is required for sewerage system. 

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After completing the sketch work you must also consider the policies of local law related to construction of the buildings. Before starting the actual construction of the transportable house construction permit is very necessary for which you will have to go to local government office in your town. In some jurisdictions government allows only unique type of design for the residential buildings. Once you get the permission of transportable house then contract with some construction company which is dealing in manufactured or modular houses.

Basically prefab homes are manufactured in factories according to the requirement of the customer and then they are installed on the location of the customer. Time and money required for such houses is considerably less as compared to traditional homes. Your contractor will do all manufacturing work in the factory and in your house only base of the house will be prepared for which ground level is performed by digging the soil or by adding more soil.

When we talk about the base or foundation of the transportable house then we consider the need either we want it on permanent basis or we may shift it time to time. For permanent residence base is prepared which is permanent in nature otherwise base is also prepared having the property of mobility. Low cost of transportable houses is due to availability of recycled material at cheaper cost. In many factories metals are used to construct modular houses and when there is need to insulate the house then plastic and wood are used on the walls of the house.