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Transportable Homes – Advantages and Benefits

Written by Ashton Marriott. Posted in Super Transportable Homes, Transportable Homes

Damage to the environment due to building a traditional home can be everlasting. With a transportable home you do not leave a huge environmental footprint. Your team of builders is only on the site for a few week rather than months. You can choose your own building materials to further manufacture your eco-friendly and energy efficient home.

  • Building a modular home you have the option of solar heating. You can design a pre-manufactured green home built in an enclosed manufacturing building and transported to your location.  Request recycled building materials to further enhance the eco-friendly features of your home.
  • You have a huge choice and unlimited freedom to individualise your manufactured home. Choose your preferred building materials; customize your roofing, flooring and paint. Be stylish and individual in any way you desire.
  • Relocatable homes are usually smaller than traditionally built homes. This makes heating and cooling costs much lower. Insulation standards of relocatable homes in Australia are high which further reduces your energy costs. It doesn’t matter if you heat and cool your home with electricity, fireplace or gas, your costs are reduced.
  • A relocatable home is manufactured off-site. Materials are purchased in bulk and the savings are passed on to you. There is very little waste during the manufacture of your home in a controlled environment. Tradesmen are on location and there is no waiting for electricians, plumbers and painters.
  • Homes that are transported need extra reinforcing to prevent damage during transport. With this in mind, pre-manufactured homes are built stronger to cope with winds, weather and movement.
  • You will not have the construction hassles when purchasing a pre-manufactured home. No waiting for tradesmen to get to the building site or hoping the weather cooperates. Your home is built indoors and the average building time for a manufactured home is about twelve weeks.
  • Most companies have a standard range of floor plans to choose from, but you can modify these plans to suit your lifestyle and needs. Provide a sketch of what you want in a home and the manufacturer will be bend over backwards to accommodate you. Technology has vastly improved over the past few years and now you can have your luxury home constructed in modules and transported to your site.
  • All relocatable homes are built on a chassis system. They can be moved from location to location. If you want to change the area you live in down the road, there is no problem. Have your relocatable home picked up and moved.

Contact your local relocatable home builder in Australia and learn more about the advantages of going relocatable and modular.