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Ten Reasons Why Modular Homes are better than Traditional Built Homes

Written by Ashton Marriott. Posted in Modular Homes, Super Transportable Homes

Modular homes are built quickly, with top performance and the costs are lower than traditionally built homes. You can design your own home any way you prefer using the finest building materials.  Today’s modular home is built to exacting standards and adheres to all rules and regulations.

  1. Modular homes are a bargain. Kit or transportable homes are produced in a facility that purchases building materials in mass. The labor rate is much lower for skilled builders in an environmentally controlled building versus a traditional building site. Do remember however that you get what you pay for. Watch the materials and check out the construction in all phases of your modular-built home.
  2. Energy Star ratings are not just for appliances. Homes can also bear the Energy Star certification. This certification requires a series of inspection to prove the home was built to exact standards. Energy Star ratings let you know that your home uses less energy than a traditionally built home. Third party inspections takes place during all phases of modular construction and just prior to moving to its location. HVAC ducts are pressure tested, lighting is scored, and heating and cooling appliances judged. Most modular suppliers and manufactures have hones that are so well built they don’t need to alter systems to attain an Energy Star Rating.
  3. Modular constructors recycle usable materials in their building. This produces less landfill trash and trash barrel waste. Your traditionally built home can produce up to four dumpsters of waste materials.  Show you care about the planet; go modular.
  4. With modular homes, there is more planning between the architect and the builder. Plans are given more scrutiny before construction starts and during the building process. Plant managers and builders work together to ensure all homes are built to exact specifications. A great deal of time and effort goes into manufacturing a modular home to ensure everything is production ready and up to speed. No delays are accepted due to improperly drawn up house plans, delayed contractors, and missing building materials.
  5. High quality materials are built into modular homes. The best interior materials will not make up mistakes and problems in the construction phase. Modular homes are built to exacting standards and a reliable quality control system is always in place. Modular homes are built in factory settings using skilled workers who have the same managers working with them. Mangers perform quality control checks on each phase of the home and third party inspectors are always on site. Once the modular are ready to be set up, additional quality control checks are made.
  6. Homes that are built on-sited are built platform style. The ceiling structure for one level is the floor of the nest level. Modular homes must be transported and placed by cranes on to the foundation. They are built as six-sided structures or boxes which provide more stability than platform style homes. Modular homes are set in place with all the plumbing, electrical, drywall and cabinets in place. This makes the resulting home stronger.
  7. Modular homes are built on time and stick to schedules. The uncontrollable forces of nature are eliminated since your modular home is manufactured in in a controlled environment. Your traditionally built home will be manufactured in rain, snow and wind. You will experience wear and tear on people and materials and the building process can carry on for months. Modular homes are built in about 2 weeks in the factory.
  8. When you walk around your building site, notice the temperatures, weather conditions and the dirt and mud caked onto the sub-floor of your traditionally built home. The lumber gets wet and conditions can be very uncomfortable for constructors. Modular homes are manufactured in climate controlled plants; workers are comfortable and know what they need to do on a daily basis. Workers are supervised by the same people every day and monitored by quality control managers. There is little oversight for construction personnel in the field and they are often unsure about where and when the materials will arrive.
  9. Homes have to be built one board at a time. This is the traditional away of building a home. There is nothing wrong with traditional building; your home can be high quality and very well constructed. However, the modular home building industry has taken huge leaps in focus and capabilities. Advances in building, framing, design and build are provided in modular construction. Good and solid customs homes can be built quickly, efficient and with high quality building materials.
  10. Modular hones must conform to specific rules and guidelines. These codes often surpass those of traditional on-site buildings. You can customize your modular home, be proud that you are using a form of “green building” and have you home moved to your building site within weeks.

Modular homes are permanent structures. The stereotype of a modular home being inferior is gone. Such homes do not all look alike and have no design limitations. Create the nodular style you have been dreaming about and begin living it long before your traditional building neighbors have finished their homes.