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Relocatable Homes – Portable Houses – Melbourne Victoria

Relocatable homes and portable houses are designed to use natural energy flows to maintain thermal comfort. Use the minimum amount of heating and cooling when you design your energy efficient relocatable home. Work with Super Transportable Homes and Cabins to design a home and system that will reduce your heating and cooling costs plus help you be environmentally friendly. We can deliver relocatable homes or portable houses in Melbourne and anywhere in Victoria!

  • Orientation – Design and position your mobile home on a north-south axis. This helps reduce energy costs for heating and cooling by using natural light and cross breezes.
  • Ventilation – All transportable homes and cabins built by our professional workers are well-ventilated and have air filtration options to help provide healthy living conditions.
  • Insulation – using advanced insulation systems you are able to keep your home heated in the winter and cool in the summer. Energy consumption is kept to a minimum and you will definitely save money on power bills.

Relocatable Homes

Our goal is to ensure our relocatable homes are energy efficient, environmentally responsible and personalized to your situation. We construct our homes in a protected building centre, recycle what we can, and bring our homes to your location when they have been tested to the highest standards in heating and cooling.  Contact us for your eco-friendly relocatable home or portable house in Melbourne or anywhere in Victoria. 

Housing has a huge impact on the environmental footprint. The building itself plus the energy consumption and construction are all factors that cause environmental damage. If you have a home that is relocatable plus saves you money on energy bills, your personal environmental footprint can be minimized and you will be money ahead.