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All You Need To Know About Portable Granny Flat

Written by Ashton Marriott. Posted in Granny Flat, Super Transportable Homes

Nowadays, the option for procuring a Granny Flat has become extremely important. First of all, we should need to ascertain that what a Granny Flat is all about. It is normally said that a Granny Flat is a self-contained development of a family home in such a way that:

  • It is normally constructed in combination with a house. It may construct either within the house or connected to a particular house, or separate from a particular house.
  • 2-It is constructed on the same land lot as an option for a principle house without any separation. It may construct as a community title plan or a strata plan.

What Are The Obligations For A Portable Granny Flat?

Granny Flats are now allowed to construct in almost all those zones that are residential around a particular state or land with subject to fulfill following necessary obligations:

  • It is mandatory to have only one Granny Flat with one house on a particular land lot.
  • Portable Granny Flat and Total Floor area combination should not be more than 50% of a specific site region.
  • Floor area for a Portable Granny Flat should not more than 60 square meters.
  • It is mandatory that land lot should be subdivided.
  • There are some planning controls and measures like floor space ratios, building height planes, setbacks that should meet by Portable Granny Flats. It also opens up space in the restricted environment in complying with certain provisions regarding development.
  • Portable Granny Flats must meet with certain prerequisites regarding Australian Building Code of ethics.
  • Under Portable Granny Flat policies, there is no need to offer any extra vehicle parking facilities.

A portable granny flat may happen either with complying expansion or with consent of DA.