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New Styles of Modular Transportable Homes

Written by Ashton Marriott. Posted in Modular Homes, Super Transportable Homes, Transportable Cabins

New styles in modular portable homes are result of progress in technology and related field of prefabrication. Firstly only simple designs were made to meet the requirements of the people of having own homes but with the passage demands have opened new horizons for the experts to think and find the solutions for increasing demands. Like other traditional homes partition and double story were at top of the list but experts were not able to meet these requirements due to the innovations and techniques of that time.

But currently their efforts have found the way to make the transportable homes more attractive for the people by providing style and luxuries in them. Now people are able to get the customized design of the double story transportable home for their families with the help of new methodology adopted by the professional workers. Assembly line of the factories producing the portable homes has become efficient and producing multistory prefabricated houses for the customers. They are providing standard homes and also prepare on the customer order as special job order. No doubt cost of both is different but value gained by these houses is becoming significant in customized orders as compared to the standard designs.


Involvement of architects has played also important role for new and modern styles of the houses. Instead of whole house factories are working in modular shape that is why transportable homes are also named as modular homes. A complete module is constructed in the factory with the same material top give the same look to all modules.

After completion of all modules they are fixed on the client site and base is also selected according to the needs of the clients that may be permanent or temporary. Transportable homes on permanent base are as durable as traditional homes and have considerable value which is evident from the actions of the banks. Previously they were thought as cheap and disposable and now they are thought as valuable asset of the owner and are being accepted as collateral security for the loans by the banks.