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Make Extra Room with Transportable Homes Option

Written by Ashton Marriott. Posted in Transportable Homes

Sometimes with the expansion in the family there comes shortage of space in the homes for privacy but now this is not a big deal due to availability of affordable option of transportable homes. No need to be worried about the design due to the market saturation with designs of transportable homes. Most of the time modular home is installed in the available space at the backyard of the house so selection must be made wisely. In the selection of design there are many influencing factors which affect the decision so they should be dealt in a right manner. We will discuss them here one by one.

First of all main purpose is to create extra space that is why size of rooms matters a lot. Make sure that your selected design of transportable home has rooms of big size or according to your choice, if there is no description of size in the design display then asking the manufacturer company is good practice. It is possible that your bed will not fit in the room and same may be in case of TV lounge, so to avoid such inconvenience, advanced inquiry is helpful. Already prepared homes might be possible not to be according to your needs so a custom design may be drawn with the help of sketching.

Second the most important thing is plumbing of your new transportable home which can be expensive if the selected design has kitchen in it. This cost may be double if there is addition of laundry place and bathrooms. This cost can be reduced only if design offers all these spaces close together in one unit. This step will also help in keeping the cost of sewerage low because water supply pipes and sewerage system need connections and in backyard both will get plenty of their sources. Otherwise you will face web of water pipes and sewerage pipes in your transportable home.

Whether it is traditional building or transportable home both are incomplete if there is no window for the room. Professional home designers offer 6 star energy rating designs in which windows are located at such positions from where room will get enough light and fresh air. Make sure your selected design provides you windows for every room.

Last but not least is the selection of color of your home, although it is matter of totally personal choice but experts’ recommendation is to select always simple transportable home. To make it colorful use different colors for roof and windows to make good blend with the surroundings. Selecting simple color will save your investment because with the passage of time you may decide to sell it, so simple color will fetch good price as compared to bold color. This happens because simple color scheme adjusts easily with any other portion of the traditional building. If you love bold colors then make it bold artificially by using dark color carpets in rooms and big size photo frames of natural scenery.