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Granny Flat Designs: 4 Important Things To Understand

Written by Ashton Marriott. Posted in Granny Flat, Super Transportable Homes

Granny flats are very economical and very handy to maintain if you are searching for spare room or extra space. There are lots of designs available in market so before you are going to settle down on granny flat, you must read the four important things you should understand.

1: Sizes of Room

It is very important that you must know that the size of each room very well in these granny flats and in case if you select a design which is not on display then you have to ask from company to write the size of every room of that particular design. It is very essential that there is no question to built extra residence then search out that your bed won’t fit in bedroom or TV will not fit in your lounge.

Drawing programs are available on net that make you able to draw the size as well as outline of your granny flat with details room spaces. You must measure your furniture size in your room to assess the space.

2: Plumbing

It is very clear that pluming is an expensive thing, so it is suggested to have laundry room, bathrooms and kitchen closely together to save your money rather than have a flat design which has these things separate. It is very important to check that all these plumbing areas must have one point in the end, so it they are closer they will cost to less. When you are settling your granny flat in your back yard, you have to check where your water pipes and sewerage are as your granny flat needs plumbing to these, so if they are closer they will cost you far less. If you are unable to locate your home pipes then you have to use internet or call them as they will provide you all the information where your home pipes are located.

3: Windows and Lights

It is pretty clear that more light in your room make you feel batter and happier. As all granny flat designs need six energy rating. But number of lights in your flat makes a difference and also the positing and size of windows also matter a lot. The positing of your flat on your land also plays an important role. When you selecting a design it is very important to keep in mind where the windows are located and what is the climate of your living locality.

4: Colors

Lastly selection of colors are very important in so many things when you select the colors, it is good to keep your flat simple. Mixing colors related your surroundings; you need to make sure that all colors of roof, windows and cladding colors must all be blended to make it uniformity. All tiles, carpet and walls should be in same color which will goes well with all other unit colors of your flat. Keep in mind one thing that your furniture color should also make good combination with your selected color.