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Get Familiar with Kit Homes

Written by Ashton Marriott. Posted in Kit Homes, Super Transportable Homes

Main house can be upgraded without making any structural changes because kit homes are available which can be attached as secondary suits to the main building of home. Benefit of taking this step is that your home gets more space for the people and person living in them are able to enjoy their privacy as well as closeness to their dear ones. For the sake of security and comfort same measures are equally applicable on these secondary suites.

Kit homes are basically complete readymade homes having rooms and all areas which can be joined with primary building easily. Some people also give them name of secondary suites because they add living space to the main building because without existence of main building they cannot be used. While talking about the features of kit homes they serve just like primary or ordinary house because they offer separate kitchen bathroom and extra rooms and it is not end they also offer separate entrance. It is attached in a manner to keep it at the same level of floor of main building.

Some people also prefer to use it like guesthouse which keeps its all system separate from the main building. It depends upon the choice of the user, for which purpose he wants to use the kit home. Before taking the step of having secondary suite one must consult with local authorities to get the permission because in some jurisdictions kit homes are considered illegal and in some areas district government only allows when kit home is used for the grandparents. Some people also make violation of the rules prescribed by the local government and to earn extra money in shape of rent they let other people to live in on agreed amount. Such property income and use is totally banned in some districts. To avoid any inconvenience it is much better to consult with the district to consider whether your purpose of using kit home is legal and allowed or not.

Kit Homes

Kit homes are given different name due to usage. Some people use them for grandparents they call it granny flat and some people want to keep their in- laws with them they call it in-law suite. In Australia and Britain granny flats are very common and their use is only for grandparents. During visiting a house it was found that granny flat was attached with main building and entrance for old fellows was also separate but there was a door inside the kit home which connected the main building with granny flat. This concept revealed that people living in that house do not want to hurt the privacy of their old folks and to keep them closer they have also shared the main building with them. After retirement it is obvious that old people want to spend their time with the family and children also want to spend their time with grandparents. In such situation old houses are not the best option as kit homes are.