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Factory Made Transportable & Manufactured Homes

Written by Ashton Marriott. Posted in Prefab Homes, Super Transportable Homes, Transportable Cabins

Till yet there are only two categories of homes of which one is onsite or traditionally constructed homes and other one is manufactured homes. Manufactured homes are also named as portable, modular, manufactures and transportable homes but to some extent there is minor difference in all kinds of the homes. Onsite homes are basically all buildings which are either in shape of residential homes and flats or commercially huge buildings like shopping mall and towers.

They are basically constructed by the builders who give their services to the clients after entering in a contract in consideration of some remuneration. Floor to ceiling everything is constructed at the place of the client with modern techniques and attractive designs are provided. On the other hand manufactured homes are made on the order of the client after entering into a binding contract. Manufacturing takes place in factory of the manufacturer where team of the builder constructs the home according to the contract in small modules. Material, design and style is selected by the client and are communicated to the builder.

Manufactured Homes

Builder accordingly manufactures the transportable home in small parts. After completing factory works all parts are relocated to the site of the client for which they were constructed. At this stage again terms of the contract and needs of the client are considered and all modules are assembled to give it final shape of full house.

Assembling of the modules require solid base on which whole construction will be situated. Base may be permanent in nature or temporary and it may also part of the contract or may be constructed by some other professional builder on the order of client. After the preparation of base assembling of parts takes place and in few days all parts after getting joined make full fledge house. Inside of the house is as much secure as traditionally assumed and there is no issue with the design which is possible in traditional house. Walls and ceiling of the house is fully insulated to make it weather-proof and keep low cost of air conditioning in the hot summer.