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Super Transportable Homes & Cabins

Our Motto

Excellence, Quality, Customer Service and Innovative Solutions

Super Transportable Homes & Cabins are available Victoria wide owned by a Melbourne based company. 

  • We work with you, our client to determine your needs and what you expect in a transportable home.
  • Our years of experience in the manufacture, installation and actual design of transportable houses and cabins is unsurpassed in the industry.
  • We offer a large range of Factory Manufactured Buildings. Our buildings are used in the mining industry and park cabins. We pride ourselves on two to four bedroom residential houses. 
  • The majority of our homes are completely custom designed, meaning you can choose the look of your own facade, whether it be modern or traditional. We can help you create everything the way you want it, or are happy to work from your plans.

If you need commercial buildings or family accommodation, look to Super Transportable Homes

Transportable residential houses can be used for Park Houses, Town Houses, Holiday Houses or Workers accommodations. Our clients love our relative accommodations and we pride ourselves on providing a relaxed lifestyle choice.

Commercial Buildings for mining camps, offices, camp kitchens or conference facilities we have the solution. Whatever your needs are in a transportable building we will find the solution that fits your needs.

Look at our family accommodations that provide a unique living experience for the older generation. Granny cabins or smaller accommodations for your aging family members can be designed to fit on your property and provide all the comforts needed in Melbourne or anywhere in Victoria.

Our Transportable Homes Range include Kit Homes, Relocatable Homes, Prefab Homes, Manufactured Homes!

Our Transportable Cabins include Granny Cabins & Flats, Park Cabins, Resort Cabins, Mining Camps!